Meg Viney

A collection of works and musings from an artist.




Apr, 09

Figures in Contemplation

      Many of my works are figurative, and yet I perceive them as vessels. People are containers of life, of love, of one another. Whilst vessels are seen as containers of things, these, ...

Jun, 03

Silent Witness

Silent Witness is a series of six figures –  silent, as they watch man’s thoughtless attitude to environment.  They are made of paper (garlic for the bodies, philodendron for the heads) and Eucalyptus Regnans, hand ...

Jun, 02

Vessels for Containment

I was invited by Latrobe Regional Gallery to have an exhibition of Vessels, some borrowed from collections and some new works.   I was delighted because the form of the Vessel has been revisited throughout my ...

Feb, 07