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Shibori is a technique I learned many years ago and it continues to fascinate me as I learn more about its magic

Sep, 26

Figures in Contemplation

            Many of my works are figurative, and yet I perceive them as vessels. People are containers of life, of love, of one another. Whilst vessels are seen as containers […]

Jun, 03

Silent Witness

Silent Witness is a series of six figures –  silent, as they watch man’s thoughtless attitude to environment.  They are made of paper (garlic for the bodies, philodendron for the heads) and Eucalyptus Regnans, hand […]

Jun, 02

Vessels for Containment

I was invited by Latrobe Regional Gallery to have an exhibition of Vessels, some borrowed from collections and some new works.   I was delighted because the form of the Vessel has been revisited throughout my […]

Feb, 07