Meg Viney

A collection of works and musings from an artist.

Artworks - Meg Viney

Scrolling through Time

Time. It’s’ unchanging inevitability as we journey through. Like a river, we cannot change its’ flow. Yet our era is characterised by impatience – a desire to push the river – evidenced everywhere in our […]

Mar, 06

Seeds: Time Capsules of Life

My work is about containment.This time, however, seeds. The original intention had been to create small sculptures of seeds. However, walking around parks and gardens, squatting on my haunches, examining tiny plants,  amazed at their […]

Jul, 24

Whispering Landscapes


Jul, 24

Time warp

MAY 2011, CELIA ROSSER GALLERY. An exhibition of works with Lorraine Connelly-Northey and Mandy Gunn. Each artist works with materials that have been recycled, or have taken years to grow and become ready for harvest, […]

Feb, 06


Years ago, whilst living and studying in U.S.A., I was strongly influenced by Native American Culture with its gentle approach to the world, its belief that spirit is inherent in all things, and with the […]

Feb, 04

Heaven on a String

When I retired from teaching, there was a glorious sense of freedom, I was unfettered as a kite. Simultaneously I was invited to exhibit at Art Affairs Gallery in Melbourne, and this series is the […]

Jan, 07

Vessels for a Shaman

The ‘Vessels for a Shaman’ series is really about spiritual containment. Human nature seems to have an innate need for a ‘spiritual connectedness’ as it were. Different cultures, different societies form their beliefs according to […]

Jan, 06