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Vessels for a Shaman

The ‘Vessels for a Shaman’ series is really about spiritual containment. Human nature seems to have an innate need for a ‘spiritual connectedness’ as it were. Different cultures, different societies form their beliefs according to custom and or history, but each has a spiritual dimension that guides and comforts – that contains. This series of vessels refer to Shamans, who have the power to communicate with and to influence the forces that control people’s lives. Thus they are the spiritual containers.

IMAGE 1: VESSEL FOR MOON JOURNEYING (felt, paper (iris), feathers, gold thread, brass beads)
400 x 400 x 370 mm

IMAGE 2: VESSEL FOR WOMAN SHAMAN (felt, paper (banana leaf), copper and linen thread, brass beads, feathers)
400 x 300 x 350 mm
Collection of Artbank, Sydney.

IMAGE 3: VESSEL FOR FRIENDLY SPIRITS (felt, paper (jonquil), feathers, gold thread)
400 x 400 x 350 mm
Collection of Stanthorpe Gallery, Queensland

IMAGE 4: VESSEL FOR SHAMANIC JOURNEYING (felt, paper (cumbungi), feathers)
470 x 470 x 400 mm
Collection of Karen Murphy.

IMAGE 5: VESSEL FOR HELPING SPIRITS (felt, paper (cumbungi), feathers)
170 x 170 x 220 mm

IMAGE 6: SPIRIT FLIGHT VESSEL (felt, paper (iris), feathers, linen thread)
400 x 400 x 380 mm
Collection of Ryllton Viney, Tasmania.

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